The Street Sensibility and Spirit of New York City

Understatement is a New York based eyewear brand. Our design reflects the culture of New York City, its energy and excitement of hybridity. Each frame is bold and delicate, yet still deems sophisticated, impressive and memorable. We pursue true aesthetic and style as well as comfort in our designs. Each frame is handmade—with a great attention to detail giving it a beautiful and subtle shape and impeccable presence. Each style comes in a basic Matte Black and its own beautiful color. We obsess over every spectrum of design and material to cater to your unique statement and understated confidence.

Elaborate Craft Works From Japan

For our production, we selected the old world craftsmanship of Sabae, Japan. Their creation promises the highest quality in delicate lines and curves. Every product is created with the utmost care and precision. We work closely with a small atelier to handcraft each frame. The result is a distinct look and level of detail not achievable by any other.